Escape boredom with our selection of coloured gems.

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Why choose a coloured precious stone?

Precious stones are increasingly difficult to find, and at the same time, more sought after and appreciated by newer and older generations.
Our precious and semi-precious gems go through a meticulous selection process to ensure that they meet our requirements.
Every day another colour, another gem, another adventure!
Adorn your finger with the crimson red of a ruby, or the straw yellow of sapphire, or dare with the mint green of an emerald, and every day will have a different story.
Did you know that sapphires come in all colours except red?
In-store we have a huge variety of shapes and colours: pink, green, yellow, orange, brown and of course, blue.
Maybe you could try other blue gemstones such as tourmaline, aquamarine or natural zircon.
Have you ever heard of the "Rose de France" Amethyst? I bet you did not!
Or have you seen the spectrum of colours of a black or white opal?
And you have probably never seen a dinosaur bone converted into a beautiful ring or pendant.

Black opal
Blue sapphire
Dinosaur bone
Green sapphire
Green tourmaline
London blue
Orange sapphire
Padparadscha sapphire
Pink sapphire
Blood pigeon ruby
Baby blue topaz
Red tourmaline rubellite
Two colours tourmaline
Yellow sapphire
Yellow tourmaline